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Cocos Slabs

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Available in slabs of 19 liters.

EC: 0,8 – 1,0

Código: 3444001 Categorías: ,

Descripción del Producto

Cocos slab contains a RHP quality mark that guarantees a cocos substrate of top quality. The coco fibres have been properly washed, steamed and buffered, which guarantees an optimum growing substrate.

The coco contains sufficient nutrition for the 1st week of the growing cycle, afterwards you can add water with liquid fertilizers and stimulators for optimal results. Cocos has a perfect structure, which retains the nutrient solution easily and is thus quickly absorbed by the roots of the plant. Cocos substrate also remains fairly airy, so the roots receive much oxygen. The plants thus get a healthy and strong root system and develop at a fast pace.

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Peso 2.5 kg