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Cotex is a starting block of small pressed coconut particles (sometimes called coconut dust). The compressed coconut dust is held together by a thin layer of organic latex. The Cotex block is equipped with many holes in its underside, allowing excess water to be drained easily. This way an ideal situation is created for young plants, because sufficient oxygen can get to the young roots and excess water can be drained easily. The airy starting blocks have the great advantage that the plants are soon able to develop their roots in it. The start-up will move faster and that means a gain in time! An airy starting block also means that the roots will get a lot of oxygen. This forms the basis for a healthy and strong root system!

Let the starting blocks Cotex soak in water at room temperature (approximately 20 degrees) in advance. The coconut inside will absorb the water and then swell to a height of approximately 10 cm. The hole in the Cotex starting block becomes flexible because of the water, so a cutting in a small or large plug will fit perfectly.

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